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Mental illness does not discriminate – it happens to people from all walks of lives. From professionals to students, parents and children, mental illness is expected to be the second highest form of health problem among Malaysians by 2020. But many patients choose to fight this battle alone because of the stigma towards them in the society.


It doesn’t have to be that way.


We believe that this stigma can be broken.



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Or listen to past seasons:

“If Allah wants to do good to somebody,

He afflicts him with trials.”


– Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

[Sahih al-Bukhari 5645]

Meet Our Team


Pn. Anita Abu Bakar

President, MIASA

(Recovering patient of Anxiety Disorder)


Founder and Managing Director of Qaiser Publications, a household name in the Klang Valley with respect to Islamic education & dakwah in English. Pn. Anita is passionate about spreading the knowledge of Islam in the community & is an advocate of mental illness, being a recovering patient herself. She hopes to reduce the stigma while reaching out to the mentally ill who are battling the illness alone & in silence.


Dr. Tuti Iryani Mohd Daud

Vice President 1, MIASA

(Psychiatrist / Lecturer, UKMMC)


Dr. Tuti is a psychiatrist and lecturer at UKM Medical Centre (UKMMC). She teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate students. Dr. Tuti actively contributes to the growing body of research on various subjects in the field of psychiatry, and has been published in various international academic journals. She is also active in volunteering works and has served as a member of Mission 9 to Aceh under MERCY.


Ustaz Mohd. Noor Deros

Vice President 2, MIASA

(Ustaz & Spiritual Healer)


A graduate of Al-Azhar University specializing in Creeds, Beliefs & Philosophy, Ustaz Mohd. Noor frequently gives talks at various institutions & has published several works, including on the Fiqh of Fiat Currency. He strongly calls the ummah to re-experience the holistic & comprehensive nature of Islam in facing the social challenges posed by modern liberal civilization.