Help tackle stigma and discrimination that affects us all

as caregivers of peers, mental health peers and mental health professionals!

Every 3 months, the data collected will be shared on MIASA’s social media platforms to the public

for general knowledge and information only!

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What is MIASA StigmaWatch Platform?

Stigma Watch is a platform created by MIASA to monitor and respond to reports of stigmatization and discrimination faced by mental health peers and to celebrate those who help combat stigma and discrimination.


This platform is to collect data from the users and all the data collected is for general knowledge and information only. Any response provided by MIASA should not be constituted as a piece of specific advice from a qualified professional person. By using this platform, the user agrees that the information provided shall be collected and used as part of data, statistics or reports that may be produced by MIASA in the future. MIASA will not publish the identity or any relevant personal information of the user of the platform unless his/her consent has been obtained.


Officers or members of MIASA shall not be held responsible or liable for any action taken as a result of the response given by MIASA and any losses suffered by any individual, organization, body, or corporation including any indirect or direct consequential damages.



All data, information, feedback, comments, opinions, and publications from this platform are permitted to be printed or downloaded for personal use only provided written consent from MIASA has been obtained.


MIASA does not guarantee that every data, information, feedback, comment, opinion and publication is free of errors, but MIASA will take reasonable care to verify content from this platform with due diligence to ensure it is correct and up to date. It is also reminded that users of the platform remain solely responsible for the accuracy and reliability of their reports.

All Stigma Watch reports remain anonymous.

Spotted a stigmatizing or discriminating act?

Have an inspiring example or positive act?